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Think British education the more education systems are well-known throughout the world for their high quality. Technology has played a big role in the realization of the dream of a lot of Arab students in the graduation from a UK university, improve their academic skills and increase their job opportunities, without the need to move away from their families or the province of their work or commitment to student life and the classic, through the study in Britain after.

So let's take a look at the best British universities in the study which can help you progress in your academic life without having to leave my mother. These universities offer all kinds of programs that may be of interest to you to study in Britain from a distance, from The Bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs configuration and training courses.

UK universities to study remotely
London School Planning and management:
– Includes more than 9.000 students and 34 master's degree online. Although the name of the school the loss in economy and business administration, except that the page school bus offers various designed to offer degrees in law and medicine and education.

– Ranging from the cost of the study after between 1500 and 5000 euros per year, vary according to the specialty nature of the configuration and the Registrar.

– A link to the evaluation study in London School Planning and management London School of Planning and Management

London College of international business:
– Is the University of British well-known focus its activity only on the online programs, with courses ranging from tourism, finance, entrepreneurship, accounting,... stand out features of this aspect in personalizing the curriculum, the thing that makes the cost of the TV via its ranging between 6700 and 7700 euros per year depending on the specialty.

– A link to the evaluation study in London College of international business London School of International Business

The Open University in the United Kingdom:
– With more than 200,000 students, 387 educational program available for remote control, the qualifications of high scientific level certified by the, attracts this university international students with a certificate of flexible programs and high quality online. As the rating of this university in the list of the best 50 universities in the United Kingdom.

– Address of the offered disciplines between engineering, computer science, law, arts, economics and
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