The importance and benefits of courses online

Courses online or MOOCs, what is it? And what relevance? And what are its benefits?
This method of online learning is a modern and innovative in developing and expanding daily and gaining good reputation as the best types of self-learning.

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Face traditional learning (learning through formal educational institutions) many difficulties in spite of its dependence on some of the modern styles and electronic equipment in various fields to make a large segment of the students head to the learning style of the new online. Where traditional learning is addressed to students in general as opposed to learning via the internet.

Spin events courses online outside the walls of the institutions of traditional education relies on a solid foundation and it is the internet with its countless, which increase the expansion of courses online. The longer the platforms of MOOCs one of the most important means of learning and networking. What are the MOOCs for?

Course massive open online is a literal translation of the term English Massive Open Online Course, and each word in the term meaning of an important central:

Space: indicates that the work is an educational activity that aims to push the associate to acquire new knowledge is essential. It is considered structural learning of hand the existence of the platform clear and assessment and lectures.
Massive : indicates the number of the elected Major is necessary for the success of the learning process which up to Digit can't be traditional educational institutions deal with.
The key indicates the meaning of the two:
That course is open to all without any preconditions, to accept the elected as in the institutions of traditional education.
To course free membership for everyone. With that, in some cases, may impose specific costs.
Online: not the meanings of the following:
Participation is not limited by time or place.
The interaction between the middle two ideas, and in most cases, without any personal knowledge among them.
The adoption of technical, particularly computer and the internet as a media of communication, interaction and learning.

American Bryan Alexander, Canadian Dave Cormier are launched the term MOOCs to the courses open across the internet and was the first course of this type on behalf of Connectives and Connective Knowledge, and still register up to the day.

The platforms of MOOCs addressed to all segments of students, especially college students, access to experts in the field of Education.
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