What's the point of the courses online for?

Most universities and educational institutions are doing online courses, lessons, instruction via the internet, including academic institutions in Australia, Canada, America, Malaysia, Russia and Spain and many institutions around the world, and of course are in the various sciences and languages, in addition to professional development courses with certificates, cable, and of course you will receive the following benefits:

Featuring state of being the same a short time online.
You can through this lessons from a study at any time, all you need is a computer or tablet connected to the internet.
Will through these courses to the community of learners interested in the domain that you want to develop with it.
Will be monitoring your level and analyze the results of your search and your job by people with wide experience and extensive knowledge including the development of yourself.
You will get at the end of the course a certificate stating that you completed it and watched the discussion and the course will be certified by the site and recognized .
Some of the courses offered by the universities enable you to the window to gain access to books and educational resources for at least a year after completion of the course.
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