All you need to know about the courses of"online"

If you want to learn foreign languages, or ski to work or to take training courses in many areas, do not have the time nor money enough to get the goals, the solution becomes very simple, since it is through your computer, you can get your course that you want, a certificate by the treaty "online".

But how, and what are its advantages?, the That's what he says to you the position of "dot Egypt".

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Kors online
In an age when most of our lives "online", the decoding of the training courses also get a share of this great technological development, where you can through your own reservation in the state that wish to participate in and obtain of your home, and also receive your certificate accredited "online", and provide you with many choices in all the areas that you would like to interfere! "marketing, languages, journalism, programming" etc.

How are you
The question that comes to mind now is how can I take the courses?, the There are several ways to Can the trainee to take the course online through them like:
1 - video clips
There are some educational websites, which provide the trainees, the scientific material of the state is divided, through video clips, it offers the user to watch the videos and learn through them.

2. the virtual classroom
This method is more interactive than the videos, the instructor will meet with the trainees through the room to chat, it says it's full, then allow time for the trainees to view their questions and their views.

Traditional courses and the"online"
Learning face-to-face, or distance learning?, and A question puzzled a lot of people, so which is better to be the person with the mentor face-to-face, or distance learning by computer over the internet, in fact the answer to this question is very simple, has pros and cons.

The face-to-face and took training courses within the auditorium, the trainee can interact with the school, like asking him when I feel he didn't understand a certain part, and that the process of back came the echoes or Feedback, it is very important to the coach, where he can see the reactions of the trainees, this helps on the improvement of its performance and shortcomings and cons, the online courses will be easier, where the trainee will be able to receive the scientific material which is in his house, there is no time and heavily, and the user only can choose the most appropriate not.

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