How it Works how the training is done remotely?


Training is done through major programmes namely

Skype for via property sound

AOL shopping via the property voice

TeamViewer program for remote control in a computer student

Registered mail to the student to send lessons daily

Forms of training

The training is done via two methods

First : lectures and live with the instructor via the SAB control of electronic and acoustic

Second : send daily lessons to the student by the state will be for each session of the illustrative table of the number of lessons sent mail and the number of lectures with the instructor

Training policies

There are general hotel policies for training the company is committed towards you , please see the importance

For policies, click here

How to remote training - steps in training

Enter the student with the teacher only a competent system of individual training

Is the company health and writing , and the use of programs of the SAB control electronic

E-books, the student downloaded from its own page by following the subscription

Is the scheduling of the lecture according to the planned schedule for each student

After the session is work of the graduation project is to get certified from the Egyptian Foreign

Quality Check what quality guarantees training yet?

Remote training breaks the barrier of time and space no doubt in that , but there are some obstacles occurring in the remote training show them to you and recommend the solutions devised so

USB Modem , ADSL , Dial Up , eic we use four means of connection to the internet to ensure no interruption of a

Laptop , PC , Tablet use devices, CNC internal shipping to avoid outages electrical

UPS electrical system in the main center use devices

We use systems and schedules to ensure the end of the session in the schedule don't know them from here

We use more than 9 training programmes remotely to suit all customers

Teachers of different nationalities it holds on diplomas and certificates of international
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