Study via the internet (remote or affiliation)

If you may have intimidated you. exaggerations about the rigors of Canadian winter, or if your personal circumstances make it difficult for them to leave the country to study in Canada, study online gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the advantages of Canadian education from a distance, as you are resident in your country enjoy the warmth between the parents, the schools, your business and your life as usual. Although the study via online or e-learning, is still considered relatively new, they grow and evolve at a rapid rate, and acceptance as a growing recognition both by learners or employers. As to the list of options and educational programs available via the World Wide Web is not available. And some estimates indicate that half of the total educational programs of traditional will become available online by the year 2020.

There is a great diversity in the characteristics of the study programmes via the internet, some of them such as qualifies for a certificate, the other for self-education only and does not grant any certificates, some of which are subtractive by universities, and by the institutes or vocational institutes, or even companies educational. Are also available these programs on different levels and stages of undergraduate study, awarded certificates to cover all of these levels, starting from diploma, bachelor, passing with high Masters and even PhD. This is considered a certification of the treatment system in the study of traditional several standards of place and time. Indeed, some of the educational institutions resort to blending between education face-to-face traditional and online education, require a certain amount of the first and give the option for some of the second in the context of its educational programmes.Study via the internet (remote or affiliation)
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